The Restaurant


Cuisine is mainly Moroccan-inspired so as to give guests a taste of the unique flavours of Morocco. The meal is served by the swimming pool or in the reception rooms.


Our starters
  • Selection of Moroccan salads
  • Harira (Moroccan soup)
  • Selection of briouattes (triangles of brick)
  • Slitine open sandwich
  • Seafood pastilla (to order)
  • Traditional pastilla (chicken and toasted almonds)
Our mains :
  • Chicken tagine with preserved lemons
  • Tangia Marrakchia (mutton tagine) (to order)
  • Lamb tagine with apricots, prunes or figs and almonds
  • Lamb tagine with peas and artichoke hearts
  • Tajine makfoul: onions, tomatoes and cinnamon
  • Mixed grill
  • Vegetable tagine
  • Couscous with seven vegetables
  • Veal skewers
Our Desserts :
  • Pastilla sheets with milk and almonds
  • Seasonal fruit basket
  • Moroccan pastries + tea or coffee
  • Thin slices of orange with cinnamon
  • Ice cream
  • Yoghurt
  • Apple tart
  • Pastilla of seasonal fruit

Set price: €25 per person
(€20 set meal when reserved as part of half-board)

Le Riad also offers European and international cuisine (on request).

Snack bar


The snack bar is perfect for when you’re feeling a bit peckish, returning from a walk around town or an excursion: the souks really do give you an appetite !


Snacks :
  • Omelette with Khlia (dried beef) €8
  • Riad Slitine salad (sweetcorn, tuna, palm hearts, asparagus, carrots, green salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions) €8,50
Moroccan bread sandwiches :
  • Chicken salad €5,50
  • Cheese €4,50
  • Spiced Keftas €5,50
Desserts :
  • Raib Yoghurt and Moroccan pastries €6
  • Plate of Moroccan pastries €4,50
  • Fresh fruit salad €4,50
  • Thin slices of orange with cinnamon €4,50
  • 2 crêpes with Ourika honey €4,50
  • Orange cake (two slices) €4,50
Appetizers :
  • Atlas’ olives and an assortment of savoury seeds €4,50
  • 6 toast with tuna and herbs €5,50
  • 8 toasts cheese & tuna €7,50
  • Vegetable sticks with sauce €8
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